Movement practices and time immersing in nature are compasses aiding in navigation along a path of self awareness and well-being.  When these two modalities are bridged, their benefits are magnified. Jacqueline Boudreau, created Earth Fire Yoga and Wellness with intention to weave these realms together more fully. She is a 200 hr E-RYT Yoga Teacher, professional wilderness guide/hiking guide, Wilderness First Responder and wildlife biologist. Her health and wellness philosophy aligns with exploring and celebrating what our bodies are capable of; cultivating empowerment through movement; and acknowledging that our health is directly linked to the quality of natural resources and our connection to the natural world. Within the name, Earth Fire Yoga & Wellness, one can begin to translate the origins of its creation. Beginning with the dynamic and fluid Yoga flow Jacqueline has developed over the years, there are two elements that are honed in on while practicing Yoga in this style: grounding, stabilizing Earth energy - building movement from the ground up, creating a solid foundation before progressing further and secondly, that of Fire -building up of internal heat, Prana, which is cultivated via movement from the unique layering of sequences and breath work. 'Earth' within the name, also calls upon connection, inspiration and affinity for nature and the intention to interweave practices with The Great Outdoors. 'Fire' withing the name, also calls upon the intention to empower others with discovering or rediscovering their own fire/spark.

Jacqueline offers Yoga and Wellness classes, workshops, private sessions and consultations, as well as retreats and private event Yoga (bachelorette parties, reunions, work outings, corporate retreats and programs) all within the traditional settings of a Yoga studio but also offers up the chance to ditch the four walls of the studio to allow the outdoors to guide one into deeper, richer experiences for the mind and body - weaving in the usage of all the senses - via offerings such as Yoga and Nature immersions, 

Eco-retreats, SUP Yoga classes, guided tours and more.

Jackie also has an extensive background training in Ayurveda, pranayama, meditation, herbalism and holistic health, all of which guide her teaching and consultation services. She teaches an array of Yoga and fitness classes that focus on uplifting, energizing movement, mindful attention, and using breath as fuel to navigate challenging opportunities for growth on and off the mat.  She truly believes movement is not a chore but a gift to realize and utilize your own life force. Her firm belief is that the more we focus on the health and wellness of body, mind, spirit on an individual level, the more of a ripple effect will reverberate into the rest of the world; the more awake we will be to fully show up in life and take better care of each other and this amazing, beautiful planet we get to call home.


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"Having the honor and blessing to connect with Jacqueline on many occasions I always leave her company feeling expanded with joy, hope and a renewed appreciation for beauty! Jacqueline approaches you with her heart and arms wide open! Exuding strength and a deep spiritual presence Jacqueline electrifies any space! 

I highly recommend working with Jacqueline as she will certainly enrich your experience!" - Jody Breton

"Jackie is clearly an experienced yogi. Her teaching is easy to follow but challenges you to push yourself making for quick progress. The sequences during class never fail to hit key areas of tension and flow in a way that balances the body perfectly. Although Jackie's classes can bring a fierce workout they are equally as relaxing. It is a relief to know that regardless of what we will be doing I can step on the mat for a short time, get some great exercise, and leave with a clear focused mind." - Jim Katz

"Jacqueline's teaching is a lesson in what each body is capable of. She offers gracious, feminine movement that calls on strength but is never serious. Her classes remind us that spirituality can be lighthearted and grounded in everyday practice. Jacqueline creates a welcoming space where each student can explore their own rhythms within the context of a unique and powerful yoga flow. " - Heidi Sistaire

"Jackie teaches yoga at my local climbing gym. She leads us through a practice that focuses on where we need strength and openness to climb. A brutal core workout and fluid, dynamic movements beyond traditional postures set Jackie’s yoga apart from other classes I’ve enjoyed. She always has a component to offer that at first is beyond what I think is my ability, but she creates such a positive space that I feel no inhibitions about trying and have surprised myself in discovering that my body can do more than I assume. To be humbled and empowered is a wonderful gift that leaves me feeling more compassionate and connected."- Laurel Regan

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